January 14, 2016

Bear Necessities of Surviving

jungleAre you alone out here? What are you doing alone in the jungle? Don’t you know what you are? I know what you are. I know where you came from. Those are just some of the words spoken by the serpent to Mowgli, the main character of the upcoming movie The Jungle Book. The trailer,made by Disney, shows a series of scenes or highlights in the film that creates excitement among the viewers.

For those who don’t know about the Epic adventures of Mowgli “the boy-cub”. The story is set in the jungles of India where he was found by a black panther when he was an infant then was raised by a pack of wolves and as he grew he was guided by a free spirited bear named Baloo. It’s an interesting story set to capture the imagination and hearts of the younger generation, in the earlier animated version that is.

The new movie promises seamless blend of live action aided with photorealistic CGI animals and landscape. With the use of the latest technology in filming, photography, computer animation and sound technology, the viewers will have a full-0n experience of the movie when watched in 3D. However, it seems that the movie lacks the main point as to why the story was created in the first place. The calm environment, lighthearted fun of living in the jungle with animals has turned into an utterly dark saga that revolves around a young boy being hunted by a large tiger and repeatedly put in danger at any given moment by nature itself. If it were a little girl watching, then it may possibly turn into nightmarish frenzy every evening for the entire family.

So what would be the reason/s as to why some of the original story was changed? Let’s all admit that seeing the same movie all over again can be boring and we as the audience will appreciate some changes. And so, the film was remade, but this time, is viewed from a different angle which integrates the realities of living with animals and nature that can be calm but turn violet most when unexpected, well, except for the fable elements of the story of course. Aside seeing the other side of the story, similar to Disney’s Maleficent, the modified plot is aimed to attract a wider scope of audience in terms of gender, age and taste for movies. As you can see, Disney’s The Jungle Book is like a mix of every movie genre in the film industry.

The Entertainment Industry has been present for a long tie to provide entertainment and to make sure that it never ceases, they must develop new concepts that keeps the audience interested. This is also true in social media, trends come and go and it is their job to keep themselves updated unless they want to lose subscribers. Trends and changes are the insurance for survival; keep them as you Bear or Bare Necessities.


Photo Credit: http://www.imdb.com/

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