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Educational Internet

In History class, asking your students to watch specific videos on YouTube can help you explain how Roman emperors reign and how the first Africans lived. You can even get questions on the internet to test whether the students did understand what they have watched. The internet is not created only for surfing and for […]

Most Popular Laptops in September 2011

A laptop needs to be popular to be a hit in the market. It must hold a top trending name. Even before it is launched, people should be excited to buy one. That is why laptop manufacturers exert much effort to thrill people with upcoming products that are usually pre-ordered. Journalists who cover news on […]

Yahoo News Plus ABC News

With an aim of reaching 100 million US users a month, ABC News and Yahoo! News announced a “strategic online news alliance”. Under the agreement, news from ABC will dominate Yahoo News and Yahoo front page with original video series. Furthermore, the two parties will co-produce coverage for major news events and will have integrated […]

Password Sharing Among Couples?

Is your Facebook password part of the conjugal properties that you will share with your partner? Passwords can be very controversial among couples and may cause future drifts. To some, it is okay for them to reveal their spouse the password of their online profile. Others are not comfortable to do such. Whatever reason couples […]

Kick A Ginger Day: from TV to Reality

At around 8:20 in the morning last Thursday, Samantha Russel received a call from her daughter. Her 14- year old daughter said she was kicked more than 20 times. Samantha who was at work, learned that her redhead daughter is one of the victims of the “Kick a Ginger Day” inspired by animated TV show […]

Disposing and Recycling Old Gadgets

After receiving a new Iphone for Christmas, you may be confused what to do with your old Iphone. Since your old Iphone is still 100% working, you can either donate it or sell it. “Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a growing concern for a number of reasons”, writes Nina Rastogi on Day by day, […]

First “Social Series” to be Aired on Facebook

Starting October 18, Warner Bros will give another reason for Facebook users to “like” the social networking site. The Hollywood studio partnered with Dolphin Entertainment for the first ever “social series” that gives Facebook users a personalized viewing. Warner Bros will air “Aim High”, an action comedy series that casts Twilight Saga’s Jackson Rathbone, Friday […]

Welcome Sean Parker, the Blogger

Online music store Napster, online addressing book Plaxo, music streaming provider Spotify and leading social networking site Facebook are just part of his history. The next for Sean Parker is a blog site. The American internet technology businessman and entrepreneur verified his next move of launching a blog to Ryan Tate of “I’m getting […]

The Fashion of Mr. Facebook

To internet users, Mark Zuckerberg is very IN since he is the brain behind the world’s leading social networking site Facebook. But to faddists, he is so OUT. Zuckerberg is always seen in casual t-shirt or turtle neck when meeting      the press as the chief executive officer of Facebook. Some pictures show  him […]

New Facebook Page Design: Boon or Bane?

Using the new default setting, a Facebook user can see pages on the “Top Stories” portion that the user interacts with most. Is this boon or bane? The jury consists of ordinary users and admins of brand pages. With the new design, brands are given new-found visibility. The trick is for brand pages to put […]

The death of SMS?

Not too long ago, the advent of text messaging made life in the digital age easier and cheaper. SMS or short message service is a text messaging component of mobile phone communicating systems that allow the exchange of short text messages between a fixed line or mobile phone devices. SMS text messaging is the most […]

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