January 20, 2016

Describing What Transcribing Is

To keep records seems a menial task that only needs a sense of orderliness, but making a record is a painstakingly energy-consuming duty.

In a live meeting or conference, you cannot totally get what everyone is saying. There may be parts that pique your interest and some just make you yawn. Perhaps you are brooding over a personal problem or the speaker speaks with lots of technicalities you cannot grasp at all. There are many reasons not to remember what is said but if you are a good listener, especially if you are a scribe or a secretary, you will find a way.

Taking down notes is a classic technique that was used in the ancient times and is used presently. But since technology has made this world where everything is brisk, writing with a pen cannot cope up with the speed. Unless one possesses a potently photographic memory, all the assets are in your hands. However, cameras, mobiles, and other gadgets are a huge aid. There is obviously no faster way to store the pieces of information live and real-time but audio or video recording.

Eventually, these records must be accessible by the authority that is in need of them. It is a silly act to give the whole tape or file of videos to the management when all they need are the essential pieces of information vital for anything particular. Unless you are working in a secret crime-busting agency, do it and you will surely get fired. The transfer of files usually happens through email and sending a file that takes up so much time on its uploading, downloading, and viewing is a big hassle. So, what could be done?

Thin of the journalists who outsource news through videos and audios. It is either they watch or listen to the whole clip and write everything that are said and can be heart. Then they repeat the process to proofread their writings. There, the file that has large byte can be sent within a click.

You call it the Transcription. This process often overlooked, is important and useful not only in the future but in daily activities.

In the Business Processing Outsourcing industry, transcription is a good source of data on how a customer service representative is performing the duties. Also, transcribing the information from the raw materials can give you an unlimited time of review and verification which ensure the safety and credibility of the company brand. It makes the company accountable to any business transactions.

Transcription is simply the means of making data from its vague source accessible for its users. It saves time and gives transparency.



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