November 11, 2016

Gearing Up for 2017’s In-Demand Tech Jobs

2017 is anticipated to be a good year for both fresh graduates and working professionals in the field of IT. According to recent surveys, the employment rate for computer technology-based jobs is expected to continuously rise by approximately 19% from 2010 to 2020. By 2024, there is said to be a 12% increase in technological employment. The surveys were based on how significant each IT job is in its respective company, followed by its equivalent salary and the probable projection of its continued development.

Listed below are some of what experts identified as the most sought after IT jobs in the coming year:

  • Computer systems analyst
  • Chief technology officer
  • Cyber Security and Information Systems Security Manager
  • Data engineer
  • Database manager
  • Data security analyst
  • IT director
  • Mobile app developer
  • Network and computer systems administrator
  • Software engineer
  • Web developer

The IT sector has been a vital contributor in the fields of Education, Medicine, and even Agriculture. Technology is also evident with how we depend on applications to expand our social connections and make our lives more convenient, along with the inclination of entrepreneurs to use internet innovations as cost-effective marketing avenues. It might seem greatly advantageous at first, but let’s not forget how technology’s steady and progressive development is also clouded with unpredictability and entails raising the risk of job security for some.


Firstly, pursuing a career in Information Technology can be likened to entering an arena where only the most competent survive. If job opportunities for IT are gradually increasing, then the quality of workers hired for the positions should rise up to the upsurging demands. In other words, the scope of influence computers have over our day-to-day undertakings only means that the capability to assimilate new trends with an improved skill set is vital for technology to keep solving more complex problems in the future. Just imagine being an aspiring applicant surrounded by IT’s bright young minds and experienced specialists—the fierce competition will likely compel you to go beyond what you already know. The world of Information Technology has its own share of hard-hitting realities as well, and thus it would also be beneficial to attend seminars and project the right personality traits, such as being adaptable, dependable, innovative, and having good communication skills.

Finally, the most important factor in securing a wonderful IT career is to be passionate about what you do. After all, what really matters is you always aspire to improve and contribute even more significant advancements to the community at large.


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