January 15, 2016

Looking Through the Web Design Trends of 2016

Trends have been regular and natural happenings on the internet. Like news and fashion, it goes with a cycle. The trend means something that everybody does or favors. Web design is not out of the picture.

Web design is undeniably important because it is the face of every page on the internet. It is what welcomes the moment we open the browser and what sticks with us throughout our surfing period. Its elements give us the impression whether to continue with the site or not and help us reach a conclusion that the site is worth someone’s time.

The previous year had given us a great shift on web designs. The concept of dimensions was suddenly thrown into oblivion as it was all knocked down into what they call “flat-style” design with a minimalistic approach. That means cleaner template and simple interface. Along with the birth of Google Mobile-Friendly update, every web page started to look the same.

This phenomenon has caused grievances to the graphic artists and web designers. They said that the standardization of the web design elements has reduced the aesthetic quality of the product and the enjoyment from their job. Where is the place of every artist when their own style cannot be employed? Although they have a fair point, the internet is not all about the artistry.

Web design is not the star of the internet. It is the experience of the audience that is treated as the most important. This is why Google try to change the way websites work for the convenience of every internet user, ensuring that they don’t get into confusion but satisfaction. Business experts do understand this and see no problem with the issue, including the web designs.

These changes in web designs are evident, aiming for. The challenge for the web artists is to stretch their creativity to personalize the user experience and push for originality despite the big and essential similarities of web pages.

Below is a list of trends that an internet-savvy person will eventually notice while delving in the virtual world.

Visual Embellishments

Slides are getting out of the picture but Infographics are here to stay. But there is no better element that the video. Aside from having its own space in some web page, a video is attracting essence as web page element because they are not only becoming a part of the header, it is the header itself. The video can be a full-length movie to watch or Graphic Interchange Format that is entertaining. A new type of image called Cinemagraph, which is similar with GIF but only a particular aspect of the photo, moves is gradually getting on the mainstream.

When still images are still valuable as an element of a website, the bar is raised for the quality of photos. There are some websites that freely give stock photos that are far from generic quality but are rather products of brilliant photography. In fact, some companies use their own photography for their websites.

Also, typography also helps to make a page appealing. Graphic artists create new fonts that will fit the company’s brand or theme.

Improved User Experience

Every coming year promised innovations so it is naturally expected that there will be enhancement with their experience. At the first place, there is this ‘trend’ to watch out expecting for a new and better experience.

One factor is the micro-interaction which utilizes little but noticeable effects. Two of the most well-known are the hove states that appear on elements where the pointer is and the display of brief comments when filling out boxes or forms.

Because mobiles are meant for less clutter, minimalistic designs are used. One of the formats getting popular is card design, which puts some elements in a box-type layout. This maximizes space and allows order.

Another factor, which is considered controversial, is the scrolling. There had been many heated debates about whether scrolling should be shortened or made endless to improve the surfing experience of the users.

Speaking of scrolling, there is also some ingenious concept that is going huge on the internet. That is the fully animated website that works by scrolling. It gives an entertaining and easy-to-navigate aspect. This type of interface has a heavy loading time but web experts are finding ways to reduce it.


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