September 21, 2016

The 4 Essential Features of a High-Quality Smartphone

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It’s been all over the news these past days that iPhone 7 is now out in the market, and many people, especially those who are huge fans of the said gadget, anticipated for this to happen. There are currently many competitors in the market like Samsung, LG, Sony, and Lenovo. Buyers can choose from a variety of mobile brands but what are the advantages of having a good smartphone?

Basically, a smartphone should let you send a message and a phone call to your friends and your loved ones. Likewise, thanks to modern technology, there is a continuous enhancement of more features to mobile phones each year like having higher internal storage, an expandable external memory of up to 32GB, Memory (RAM), better camera quality and longer battery life. Indeed, all of these added features are making our life more convenient than ever!

But what are the most vital features when choosing a smartphone?

• Storage
Firstly, higher internal storage allows you to download more applications that you can enjoy, such as social media sites and games. According to tech experts, a minimum of 8 gigabytes should be enough, but the wider storage your phone can accommodate, the better.
Which mobile brand provides the best storage options?
Apple iPhone garnered good reviews in terms of providing the best storage option although it does not offer external storage to its users. As such, if you are particular about expanding your phone’s storage space, then the iPhone may not be the best option for you. Worry not; buying additional memory is relatively inexpensive.
• Random Access Memory (RAM)
Next to storage is Random Access Memory (RAM), which is used to hold the data of the phone or any computer system that is currently being used. That way the speed of the storage does not become a bottleneck slowing the whole system down. RAM is also responsible for holding data that enables multi-tasking. The question now, is how much RAM do we really need for our smartphone? Ideally, 2GB to 4GB RAM is enough to make your phone perform better. Remember, the lower the internal storage and RAM is, the slower will your phone be.
• Camera
Choosing the right camera phone is also becoming increasingly important. Most people like taking photos so having a phone that has good camera quality will benefit them a lot. An effective way to find out the quality of a phone’s camera is by looking at test photos and videos, or reading online reviews about the phone you would like to purchase.
• Battery
Using a smartphone’s camera and other applications would also depend on the phone’s battery life. A phone that has superb battery efficiency should be able to last you a day of moderate use. When buying a smartphone, make sure it has at least a 2000 mAh battery and 15 hours of talk time. This will help your mobile phone perform for almost a full day without charging.

It is not easy to choose the ideal smartphone from the variety of brands currently available, but if you keep the aforementioned key features in mind, it will save you time and the trouble of buying a low-quality phone. If the phone’s physical style does not entice you, be a smart buyer and think about how the phone’s durability, functioning and specifications will benefit you in the long run.


Author: Donna Kay Santos

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