January 18, 2016

The Watchdogs You Don’t Know About

When we switch our television and see the news as something that exposes anomalies that are long-hidden from the public, be thankful for Watchdog journalism. Anything or anyone that inflicts unfair treatment or unjust low-quality services to customers is kept within the eyes of Consumer Watchdog. There are also watchdogs in charities and transits ensuring the safety of finance and passengers. But how important is a watchdog that the word has to be repeated for emphasis?

Don’t underestimate the word for its meaning. A dog that guards a property and a vigilant guardian who keeps an eye on intruders are one and the same: they are valuable. They keep the order and peace to keep a smooth flow of things.

Various people, bloggers, and experts would say that the internet is a place of a mess. One can find both good and bad things like a hodgepodge. What is troubling to address about is that how bad is bad a user can find while surfing. Since the internet has not only made communications easier, but also made every message available to all. With just one click, you can talk to everyone in this world and get different reactions in a matter of seconds. It made the Freedom of Speech well-exercised by individuals or a group of people that sometimes it reaches oversaturation or abusive level.

It is evident that the internet is really a place of a mess. Hate speeches against different religions and people are prevalent with social networking sites. Gruesome scenes and explicit materials are also undeniably present. In fact, most of the dark materials are hidden in Deep Web that can only be accessed using particular online tools.

Despite this dirty status, the internet is still a place people cannot let go visiting. Social Media has even become the most powerful and well-embraced medium of communication for mankind. It was a total package as a source of information, entertainment, identity establishment, and business transactions. But how does it pull a massive number of people in spite of its flaws?

The answer is that there are people in the field of specialization in monitoring every data that appears on the internet sphere. Yes, they are online watchdogs who assess every piece of content if its value is good or bad. Anything that incites or may incite disgusts, anxiety, fear, and anger is subjected to various actions. First, a particular aspect f the content is edited to be deemed good. Second, it can simply be removed. Third, it can be blocked as to not allow any inappropriate content.

Only a few understand this system of moderation, but this is essential and arduous. True, bad content still appears on the internet, but moderators continuously watchdog, fighting all troubles for the sake of a user’s secure and pleasant surfing experience.



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