January 19, 2016

To Talk, Report or Dislike, Which is Appropriate?

facebook-dislike-buttonBeing on Facebook can expose an individual to different types of contents such as photos, videos, a combination of both or just plain text. However, not all posts can be appreciated by everyone and the only option available for the audience to do are to hit like, comment how he/she feels about it or report, otherwise remove the poor fellow from the friend list or worse block/him/her.

From time to time, especially for people who have at least a hundred of friends whom they follow can see people posting rants on their timeline about being blocked from using certain applications since they were reported due to a post that appears to offend a certain religion, belief or whatever subject it may fall into. They are not able to post nor comment on a thread once they receive a message from the Facebook community standards and the rest of their team.

And with those issues in mind, people all around the world thought of an idea to perhaps make it a better way to fix the issue by suggesting a dislike button which is intended to down vote certain posts that a viewer may see unfit for public view since it does not adhere to community guidelines or perhaps can be offending. It has been going on for quite some time until the boss finally took notice and considered the suggestion.

During the Question and Answer session, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg confirmed that the social media network is in the process of rolling out a “dislike” button. He implied that people have been asking for a dislike button for so many years and finally decided to comply by announcing that they are working on it and shipping it soon. With that said, Facebook will be once again become more than a social network that will allow its users to vote down post that may seem unnecessary for them. However, Zuckerberg points out that the network is not modeling itself after Reddit, which uses a voting system where voting down stories is allowed.

Zuckerberg wanted to make sure that everyone understands the significance of the “dislike” button which is aimed for sad posts such as people passing away to the next life, crisis, break ups, losing a job and other negative situations that are focused by its users. It’s a way to express empathy in a more convenient way without using complicated words. Would you choose sending the person a message, reporting him/her or rather hitting the dislike button to send a vague message?


Photo Credit: http://www.dailysquat.com/


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